What Does Split Flow Mean?

The Dynex range of pumps features split flow technology  to deliver hydraulic fluid to multiple circuits simultaneously and independently. This cabability is commonly used in applications where different hydraulic systems or components require varying flow rates or pressures. Split flow systems provide the advantage of more precise control over individual hydraulic circuits while using a single pump unit.

The main feature of split flow technology is the ability to divide the flow of hydraulic fluid into separate streams, each directed to different hydraulic circuits. These circuits can have different pressure requirements or be responsible for performing various tasks in a system.

There are two primary types of split flow pumps:

  1. Gear Split Flow Pumps: These pumps use a pair of meshing gears to trap and transport hydraulic fluid from the pump inlet to the outlets. One gear is typically larger, acting as the driver gear, while the other gear is smaller and serves as the driven gear. The relative rotation between the gears creates pockets of fluid that get carried from the pump’s inlet to its outlets.
  2. Vane Split Flow Pumps: Vane pumps use sliding vanes within a rotor to trap and move hydraulic fluid. As the rotor spins, the vanes slide in and out, creating expanding and contracting chambers. These chambers carry the fluid from the pump’s inlet to its outlets.

In a split flow system, the total flow rate delivered by the pump is divided among the different outlets or circuits. By adjusting the sizes of the gears or vanes, the rotational speed of the pump, or employing flow control valves, operators can control the flow rate and pressure delivered to each hydraulic circuit independently. This allows for precise control and optimization of various components within a hydraulic system.

Split flow technology has applications in various industries, including construction, agriculture, industrial machinery, and mobile equipment. It is particularly useful in scenarios where multiple hydraulic functions need to be operated simultaneously or where different components have different flow and pressure requirements. The ability to tailor the flow and pressure to each circuit separately helps improve overall system efficiency and performance.

Find out more about the DYNEX range at  at https://www.ptindustrial.com.au/dynex/

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