GLOBE Piston Air Motors

Globe RM Piston Air Motors are a series of compact heavy duty radial piston air motors offering an exceptional range of control valve and output options. These pneumatic motors are designed to develop greater power than other motors of equivalent size. The GLOBE Piston Air Motors are instantly reversible, resistant to dirty and damp conditions and have a relatively inexpensive variable speed control.

Available with ATEX certification for safe use in explosive environments. GLOBE Piston Air Driven Motors are being used in the most heavy and extreme conditions that require lots of power. Typical applications are winches, pump drives, offshore and mines.

GLOBE Piston Air Motors have a power range from 1,7 kW (2.4 HP) up to 23 kW (31.3 HP).

Piston air motors find applications in various hydraulic systems, such as winches, hoists, conveyor systems, rotary actuators, mixing equipment, pumps, and more. They are particularly useful in environments where electrical power is not readily available or where explosion-proof or spark-free operation is required.


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