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Our range of GLOBE piston air motors, are commonly used in various hydraulic applications where compressed air is preferred as a power source. While hydraulic systems typically use hydraulic fluid to transmit power, GLOBE piston air motors provide an alternative method for generating mechanical motion.

Here's how piston air motors are used in hydraulic applications:

  1. Power Source: Compressed air is supplied to the air motor through an air line or hose. The air is typically generated by an air compressor or an air supply system.
  2. Conversion of Air Pressure to Mechanical Power: When compressed air enters the air motor, it applies pressure on pistons within the motor. The pistons convert the pressure energy of the air into mechanical power.
  3. Rotary Motion: Piston air motors are designed to produce rotary motion. As the pistons reciprocate due to the pressure difference, they transfer this motion to a crankshaft or rotor. The crankshaft or rotor converts the reciprocating motion into rotary motion, which can be further used to drive various mechanical components or equipment.
  4. Speed and Torque Control: The speed and torque produced by piston air motors can be controlled by adjusting the air pressure supplied to the motor. Modulating the air pressure allows for precise control of the motor's output, enabling speed and torque adjustments to suit different hydraulic applications.
  5. Application Examples: Piston air motors find applications in various hydraulic systems, such as winches, hoists, conveyor systems, rotary actuators, mixing equipment, pumps, and more. They are particularly useful in environments where electrical power is not readily available or where explosion-proof or spark-free operation is required.

It's important to note that piston air motors are just one type of air motor available for hydraulic applications. Other types of air motors in our GLOBE range include vane air motors and radial piston air motors. The specific design and construction of the air motor will depend on the requirements of the hydraulic system and the desired performance characteristics.

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