Selection Criteria for Agricultural Cylinders


Selecting an agricultural cylinder to perform a function correctly is a relatively easy task, provided that some simple steps are undertaken before deciding on which cylinders you might need for your specific application.

Here are some handy things to consider…

1) “What load do I need to move”?

Always assume peak loads will require additional strength. The rule of thumb is to choose a cylinder with a tonnage rating of 20% more than required for the load.


2) “How is the mounting of the cylinder going to effect the load movement?”

  • Pivot mounting absorbs the force on the cylinder centre line and allows the cylinder to change alignment in one plane. Because these mounts allow a cylinder to pivot, they should be used with rod end attachments that also pivot.
  • Clevis mounts can be used in any orientation and are generally recommended for most mobile applications.


3) “What pressure do I have available to move my load?

As well as doing the calculation to ensure you have enough pressure available, care must be taken to ensure the hydraulic system does not exceed the nominal rated design pressure of the cylinder.

The following calculation can determine the cylinder bore size that is required to move the load.

Force (pounds)  ÷ Pressure (PSI) = Area cylinder (square inches)


  •                 12,000 (pounds) ÷ 1800(PSI) = 6.66 (Square Inches)
  •                 Bore size <2.91″
  •                 Therefore cylinder bore selected = 3” as it is the next bore size available


agricultural cylinders pressure



Additional considerations include:

4) “Will the fluid being used be compatible with the seals used in the cylinder?”

Most fluid seal manufacturers/cylinder manufacturers will have charts available to assist with this option.


5) “What stroke and/or movement is required ?”

Most cylinder strokes are available in 2” increments; however, special non-standard strokes can be developed to suit the reequired application.


As you can see there are many factors in selecting the right Agricultural Cylinder for you. At PT Hydraulics we have a variety of BOSS Agricultural Cylinders for any application, ranging from 1.5″ to 4″ bore sizes. You can check out our range here or contact us for more technical support, to ensure you find the right cylinder to … let your BOSS do the hard work

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