Globe Air Motors

The Globe range of air motors features a number of varieties for specific applications including Vane, Geared Vane, Compact Piston,  and Platentary Greared air motors that are suitable for a variety of applications.

Globe Vane Air Motors offer a unique form of drive and incorporate advantages not found in other prime movers. Intrinsically safe for explosion proof environments.

Globe Vane Air Motors offer a simple and inexpensive variable speed and torque control with a flow control valve and/or pressure regulator.

Globe Compact Piston Air Motors offer a range of ATEX approved air motors that are often used in applications where the air motor is constantly in stall. High torque at low speed of rotation means a gear box is generally not required whilst their simplistic design ensures a reliable and efficient air motor.

The Globe geared vane air motors are of the vane type and available with a standard range of worm and coaxial gearboxes. They generate high torques and low speeds of rotation required in many applications. Power ranges up to 8,3 kW at 6 bar air pressure.


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