PT Industrial Proudly Recommends Argyo Hytos Products

Argo-Hytos is a German company that specializes in hydraulic systems and fluid power technology. The company was founded in 1947 and is headquartered in Kraichtal, Germany. Argo-Hytos provides a wide range of products and services for hydraulic applications, including hydraulic filters, valves, pumps, and cooling systems. They also offer diagnostic tools and software for monitoring and analyzing hydraulic systems.

The company serves a variety of industries, including construction, agriculture, mining, and industrial manufacturing. They have a global presence with production facilities and sales offices in Europe, Asia, and North America.  Argo-Hytos is known for their commitment to innovation and sustainability. They have developed advanced technologies that improve the efficiency and reliability of hydraulic systems while minimizing environmental impact. They also prioritize sustainable manufacturing practices and have implemented initiatives to reduce their carbon footprint.

Argo-Hytos manufactures a wide range of hydraulic products for various industries, including hydraulic filters, such as suction filters, pressure filters, return line filters, and inline filters. These filters are designed to remove contaminants from hydraulic oil and ensure the reliable operation of hydraulic systems.  They are also widely renowned for their comprehensive range of valves including directional control valves, pressure control valves, flow control valves, and proportional valves. These valves are used to control the flow, pressure, and direction of hydraulic fluids.


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