AC (alternating current) and DC (direct current) hydraulic power units are types of systems used to provide hydraulic power for various applications.

AC Hydraulic Power Units: These units are powered by alternating current from a standard electrical outlet or industrial power source. They typically consist of an electric motor, a hydraulic pump, reservoir, valves, and controls. AC hydraulic power units are commonly used in industrial settings where consistent power is readily available. They are often more suitable for larger-scale applications due to the availability of higher power ratings.

DC Hydraulic Power Units: DC hydraulic power units, on the other hand, are powered by direct current, usually from batteries or other DC power sources. They also consist of similar components as AC units but are designed to operate on DC power. DC hydraulic power units are frequently used in mobile applications, such as in vehicles, where access to AC power may be limited or impractical. They offer the advantage of portability and can be used in remote locations or where power needs to be supplied independently of the electrical grid.

Both AC and DC hydraulic power units serve the purpose of converting electrical energy into hydraulic power, which is then used to operate various hydraulic systems such as cylinders, motors, and other hydraulic machinery. The choice between AC and DC units depends on factors such as power requirements, application, portability, and availability of power sources.

The BOSS BLACK range of DC/AC Power Packs is fully customisable with over 20 different circuit options available and both 12/24v DC and 240/415v AC varieties.¬†High powered fan options cool the DC Motor to ensure longevity, whilst “plug and play” Remote Pendants give you control at your fingertips and manual override is a standard feature on all single-acting packs.

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